Welcome to Kindergarten!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Kara Sadlon and I will be your child’s teacher this year in Kindergarten. Mrs. Terri Panico is the D.E.C.E. (Designated Early Childhood Educator) of our Kindergarten team in our classroom.

We currently have 12 junior kindergarten students and 8 senior kindergarten students registered in our class. We are happy to see so many of the younger siblings of current SCD students, and also pleased to welcome in so many families who are new to our school. It is going to be a great year!

Here is some information to help our classroom run as smoothly as possible this year:

Classroom Allergies

SCD strives to be a peanut/tree nut-free school. We are asking for extreme diligence on your behalf by not sending any peanut/nut products to school with your child. There are several children in our school with life-threatening peanut/nut allergies. There are alternative products available, made from soy (Wow Butter) and peas (Pea Butter) and sunflower seeds (Sunbutter) that are similar in taste and consistency to peanut butter. If you choose to use these products, please put a sticker or a label on your child’s lunch container to let us know. If it looks/smells like peanut butter/peanut/nut products, and it is not labeled, it will be removed from the classroom. Thank you so much for your understanding in this important matter.

Classroom Treats

In consideration of the allergies within the school, we would also like to ask parents to try to refrain from sending in class treats with your child. Instead of birthday cupcakes/cookies, stickers or pencils are a great alternative for classroom treats (and they don’t cause cavities either!). From time to time, Mrs. Salisbury and I will bring in special treats (fruit or nut-free products) for the children to share.

School and Class Website

In an effort to reduce our paper/photocopies, the majority of our communication to families in our school and particularly in our own classroom will be done via both the SCD school website:


as well as our classroom website: www.classhub.ca

Our classroom website can also be easily accessed from the school website-use the “Student” drop-down menu and click on the link. In order to receive regular information updates from both the school and classroom, you need to subscribe to both. When you subscribe to the classroom website (click on Newsflash and follow the directions to sign up), you will receive an e-mail notification when I have added any new information to the site. Most families of Senior Kindergarten students are still subscribed from last year. If you do not have access to the internet and need to receive paper copies of newsletters, please write me a quick note in your child’s agenda and I will send home paper copies as needed. Our photocopy budget is severely limited. Our class website will include a detailed calendar outlining all important dates and activities.

Communication Books/Zip Bags

Kindergarten students will be using small Communication Books this year. You may use your child’s C.B. to write any important information to the classroom teacher/DECE (e.g., pick up/drop off changes, absences, appointments, health concerns, etc.). We will check them when we see that they are clipped open. If you have any major concerns, please use the C.B. to request either a phone call or a meeting. Communication Books need to be sent to school every day. They are to be sent to school in your child’s zip bag to keep them safe and hopefully dry! If they do get wet, we can dry them out!

Changes in Pick-ups

If there are any changes to your child’s usual end of the day pick-up routine (e.g.-leaving early/not taking the bus) please inform us either via your child’s Communication Book or phone the school office to let them know. Thanks!

What needs to be sent to school?

We would like to request a 4x6 family photo from all students for our family photo wall in class. Photos will be returned at the end of the school year. All children need to have a full change of clothes (pants, t-shirt, 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of underwear) to leave at school in case of spills or accidents. Clothes can be sent to school in a labeled plastic bag-we have individual, shoe box-sized bins to store the clothing in. If your child has used their change of clothes, the clothing will be sent home in a plastic bag. There will be a note in the C.B. to send in another set of extra clothing to replace the ones used. The children also need a clean pair of indoor running shoes to be left at school. We would greatly appreciate donations of a box of tissue/roll of paper towel from every student (thank you to those who have already sent one in!). Any other specific donation requests will be posted on the class website.

Dress For the Weather

The children will be outside for two short (15 minute) recesses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, as well as a 30 minute recess after lunchtime. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather- we go outside unless it is pouring rain or dangerously cold! Sunscreen must be scent-free and applied at home.

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month, we will send home Scholastic book order forms with your child. These provide a great opportunity to buy age-appropriate books for your child, Christmas or birthday gifts. An added bonus of making purchases through Scholastic is that our classroom receives “points” for every book purchased and these points are used to buy things from Scholastic for our classroom. It’s a win-win situation! The Scholastic Book Club offers easy online ordering and payment, or you can send a cheque (no cash please) in with your child's order form. Thank you!

If you have any other questions/comments, please feel free to write a quick note, or call and leave a message at the school. 705-726-1221. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Mrs. Kara Sadlon and Mrs. Terri Panico