September Updates

Hooray! We have been together in our new classroom groups for just over a week now and everything is going well! We understand how challenging the first few weeks of school can be (especially for Kindergarten parents and children) and we really appreciate all of your help in starting the year off as smoothly as possible.

The children have been busy settling in, getting to know one another and exploring their surroundings. For the first few weeks, we concentrate mainly on safety rules in the school and daily routines. The children will enjoy giving you a tour of their classroom during our Open House on Thursday this week. We are hopeful that we will see all of our families for a short visit on Thursday evening. The classrooms will be open from about 5:00-6:00 and then closed so that we can all enjoy the Fun Fair.

We hope that all parents will come and support our Drive For a Cause fundraiser on Thursday night at the school or on Friday and Saturday at the Paul Sadlon car dealership. Every test drive taken makes $25 for our school. We are hoping to raise enough money to pay for installing our classroom projectors up on the ceiling (instead of on carts)-it costs $1500 per classroom. Please bring friends and family members to do test drives too!

Please be advised that we take a lot of photographs inside our classroom. We use them for photo documentation of your child’s learning (they are filed in a binder to be shown to you during conferences, and then sent home at the end of the year). We do not post any photos online or on our classroom/ school website.

Please send in a 4x6” family photo as soon as possible. We are hoping to fill our Family Wall before the Open House.

If you would like to purchase Scholastic books through our monthly order forms as a gift, please include a note to let us know and we will hold it in the office for you to pick up. Otherwise, Scholastic orders will be sent home with your child when they arrive. You may order from any of the different magazines. Please be sure to make your payment with a cheque or use the online payment procedure (it’s outlined on our website).

Star Students-We have started with our Star Students of the Week. Every week, there will be two students scheduled as Star Students. They will have several fun responsibilities for the week, such as taking attendance to the office, line leader, plant helper, sweeper, etc. When it is your child’s week to be Star Student, he/she will also be asked to share some of their work from that week with their classmates. The Star Student schedule will be posted on our class calendar page on the website.

Thanks again for your support and patience during this busy time. See you at Fun Fair!